Research papers

Adaptation and Generation of Agricultural Technologies

By : Abrham(Tigrai Agricultural Research Institute , 2018-03-14)


Marked seasonal variability of both production and consumption is character­ istic of virtually all farming systems in the developing world. Seasonal variations in food security are linked to a host of other structural and economic problems. including agricultural stagnation and poor markets and infrastructure. Such conditions prevail in a country like Ethiopia, where the decline in cereal production since the 1960s, the dearth of rural infrastructure, and poorly functioning markets are


By : agache(mekelle , 2012-01-24)


BPR for Begaite Ranch

By : Livestock Research Directorate(TARI , 0000-00-00)


A detailed description of the ranch is included in the document.

Adaptation and Generation of Agricultural Technologies May 2020

By : Zeray Siyum, Hintsa Libsekal, Teferi Aregawi, Embaye Kidanu, Desalegn Emuru, Haftu Kelelew(tari , 2020-05-01)